Tuesday, December 15, 2009

I Should have called and told you.....

I am swooning.... Awwww... ok but, seriously. I have meet me a man and things are going well. I have been afraid to say anything for the many questions there will be. But I really like Country man and things are very different with him then with any other guy. I think that is why I decided to write this out I need to work things out in my head.
So I guess the starter is where did I meet him? Well I went to meet Country Man's friend. I didn't know he was bringing Country Man I am so glad he did tho. Me and the friend did not hit it off but, I did with Country Man. Needless to say said friend was not happy and didn't want us talking and I said if CM agrees then fine. CM did not agree and called me the next day there have been MANY long nights on the phone for the last 2 weeks. We finally got to see each other again on Friday night and went out Saturday for my birthday.
We went to dinner at LOGAN'S of course then went bowing with Steph,Kenny, Kevin, Melissa, and Scott. We all had so much fun one of my best birthday's I had my girls with me and Country Man. It was wonderful!!! SWOON
So now to the part that I need to work out in my head. I think I have it figured out but, still thinking on it. So Country Man and I are taking things so not RUSHING. I know what a switch for me but, really I'm not I am going one day at a time with this. Things are going great Country Man has spoke of things like what do you want for Christmas and we have talked of doing a few things in the next couple of months.
So why does this feel so different then with any guy I have ever been with? That is the part I can't get. He's not like other guys I have dated before either he is sweet and tender and says the nicest things. To which I joke and say ' keep earning those brownie points' which he is. I have never had some one call me Miss America, perfect, gorgeous, and just beautiful. This is not normal for me I love it but, so not used to it. He cares about how I feel about different things he is so gentle, respectful, honest, gentleman, and Country. I shocked him one day he asked me if I knew who Bill Dance was? I said yeah I know who he is My dad watches his fishing show. Not even kidding this is what he says "Me and your dad will get along great we can watch hunting and fishing all day." Great me and mom will shop!!! I know I not looking for a man for my dad but, I enjoy those things I loved it when dad came home with whatever he went hunting for. Those are great memories I have with my dad.
Fuzzy says that I think it feels different because I'm not rushing things that I am going one day at a time and seeing what happens. I am excited and can't wait to see where things go but, I'm not pushing things to get there. So I guess what I am saying is I am happy so happy I can't even explain fully what I am feeling cause I don't know. What I do know is I can't wait to see what tomorrow brings.