Friday, May 16, 2008

Just some thoughts!!

So there hasn't been to much going on in my life but I will update you on things. Job has been good working more our other night QA took a supervisor position so I am now the only night QA. Which means I now work Sunday thur Thursday 8 to 10 hr shifts. Man it is hard to go back to working everyday I am so ready when Friday gets here for a day off.

Mothers Day was nice Mindy, the kids, mom, and I all went out for lunch together that was fun. It was a very rainy day but we still had fun went and ran around town and of course the MALL. I wasn't sure what to get mom for mother's day and it was her birthday so I told her we would just go shopping and she could pick something out. In true Thomas family we usually end up finding the good deal and we did mom got the outfit she wanted and it didn't cost me an arm and a leg. Thanks mom.

So now I am preparing for my road trip to INDIANA YEAH I am so excited it has been almost a year since I saw all my friends (who are family I have 3 kids there, Adam, Tirzah, and Noah) . There has been a new baby born that I haven't got to spoil yet and I am so excited about that little Noah is ready to meet his aunt Toni.

My best friend is getting married so excited for her she is marrying a great guy I couldn't have picked a better guy for her. She has had so many losers and it makes me happy that she has finally found her Prince so to speak. We all no men aren't prefect but, this man is just the best I knew it when I went over there and he had a room just for Tirzah. What guy does that I don't know any his is so good with Tirzah too and he puts up with Melissa's crap. Believe me if he can handle her he is a good man. Oh now she isn't that bad she is like me only a little wilder. She is my sister and always will be God didn't make us sisters cause I think he knew our parents could never handle that. So I have 13 sleeps til I will be in INDIANA. We are so excited I am heading up the Bachelorette party from 900 miles away that is fun let me tell you. I have some help which is good I have so much planned it is going to be a blast. Melissa's mom and I are also throwing her a Bridal shower the same day so that will be fun and very conservative.

OK enough about that, I was feeling a little conflict going on inside of me a couple weeks ago so I called up my good friend Jason who has been through some trails and i knew could help. He suggested I read this book about David and Goliath it is called Defeating the Giants. I fell in love with this book as I was reading the book I was also going back to the Bible to really understand what was going on. There is so much more to the story that I never knew you know when they tell us Bible stories they say all the good parts but, not about all the trails that they went through. Which helps you to understand that you aren't the only one going through a valley or trying to climb that mountain. I also came across this really good band (thanks to Jason) called Skillet they are a christian band that is also played on the pop radio. I always love it when a christian band crosses both radios because that is one way we can get the message of Christ out to those who don't know him. So think about that the next time you hear "I can only imagine on the radio and you aren't on the christian radio station.

I know that I have done a lot of jumping around in thought but this is all stuff that goes on with me you think I like carrying all this stuff in my head. So I guess I will leave it at that for now I will try to update you on all the crazyness in my head again real soon.