Wednesday, September 23, 2009

So here is what is up...

So I back here in Souix Falls, SD been here since July. Things are going ok I started back at School Bus filling in as a aid. It is going ok hey it is a paycheck if nothing else. I am really excitied that I get to take a 3 week vaction in 16 days. Two of my girls are getting married yeah for them. So Fuzzy and John are getting married on Oct. 12 and Jada and Brian are on Oct. 31. I am so happy for my girls. Really excited that I get to see some people like my other girl Melissa, Stephanie, Kevin and so many others.

Melissa is really excited also she can't wait for me to get there. I miss you girl

This is my Jada she is getting married on Oct 31. I can't believe my Jada is getting married. We have know and been friends since we were 8 years old that is way to long. I can't even believe that it has been that long.

This is Melissa and John they are getting married on October 12. I am so happy for them I have watched this relationship blossom since day one. I saw it before they did I love doing that. I thought John was never going to ask her (neither did Melissa). I am so happy for you guys Love you lots.