Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Things have been changing...

Since my last post I went to Aunt Alice's for Thanksgiving while we where there we got to visit with some of dad's family. My Aunt Angie and Uncle Jeff were there visiting their son and all their kids were there. Was nice to see them we haven't gotten to see them the last few times we have been to Grandma's.

Then Christmas came we stayed here in Da Plains for Christmas I went to a friends house had fun with her kids. There was lots of food, games,and fellowship I so enjoy just having a good time with great people.

Anyway then there was New Year's my singles group from church went to a hockey game then all came over to our house for fellowship, food, and games. We had a lot of fun that night something we should do again for sure.

Grandma Martin passed away in early January so we headed to Illinois to say good bye to Grandma. Had a good visit with both sides of family I got to meet mom's brother's whom I had never met.

In February I moved into my own apartment it is a one bedroom. Has a nice size living room and bedroom. I love my little apartment so cute and cozy.

Then out of no where came J he has turned my world upside down. I have prayed for so long that the right guy would come along. I was beginning to think God forgot about me but, he hadn't we just weren't ready to met. Now I see why I had to wait God was preparing me for what was to come. I didn't know that I would need to be prepared but I did. We have both had our hearts pulled out and stomped all over. When you are with someone who has had the same thing happen to them as you it makes things easier to understand where they are coming from.

God was growing me into the strong Christian that he knew I needed to be for J and J has been growing for me. We weren't there until now not to say this last few months have been smooth sailing but, it could have been worse I guess.

We are so happy together he is just what I always wanted in my partner I just hadn't found him. J is so sweet, understanding, loving, caring, respectful, God fearing, funny, serious, hard working, servant, and responsible. There are things about J that I didn't think to ask God for I'm so glad that he gave them to him tho.

I am so happy right now in this season of my life. I hope that people can be happy for me and not dwell on the past. If there is something about J that I'm not seeing then I want it pointed out but, other wise can we not pull him apart please. Your not the one who is in the relationship I am maybe I wouldn't have chose the one you did for you. Needed to rant.

I say that to say this if you can't be happy for me and support me (cause i am an adult and I know the mistakes I have made in the past it happened to ME!!!!!) then don't say anything and you wont have to be in our lives. I say and mean this even IF things don't work out with J remember this for the future.

We have and do pray about our relationship and feel very strong about us and where we stand. there will not be a quick wedding if that is what your thinking relax. Did that once look how that turned out lol.

I think that is all have to get ready for work and J is coming over later might go for a walk later it is so beautiful outside.

Love ya'll