Wednesday, August 25, 2010

You don't even see me....

My cousin pointed out something to me a while back that I had felt but never said to anyone.

In our family if you are not married and have kids you aren't thought of as an adult. She is so right but, i will take it one step farther they don't even see you.

They come to visit and I love seeing them but, they come for the grand kids not to see me.

Feel like it doesn't matter what I do I wont make you proud till I am married and have a bunch of kids. I know I am not some great person but, it would be nice if you at least heard me when I spoke. Believed in me that I could do great things if I wanted.

I have tried to let people in and know me but, it like you don't want to know me.

The thing I love most about this blog is that since I have no kids or husband I have no pictures of them or updates. So in return no one reads this so it makes it easier for me to say what I want to say without holding back.

So second pity party is over for the day I think.....


And So It Goes said...

I am not your husband or your child, but I am your friend and I am praying for you, Girl.

Not sure what else to say or what to tell you, except that GOD KNOWS. Who cares if someone is trying to make you feel better and they don't get it - GOD DOES - at least they are trying, at least they care enough to reach out.

Please keep smiling; you have a beautiful smile, Toni.

Call me sometime -I mean it. I want to make time.